Measurement, Reporting and Verification!

When it comes to safeguarding our food supply from effects of climate change, effective measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of soil regeneration, Crops' health improvement and biodiversity enhancement is critical to help small scale farmers and growers navigate tough challenges of climate change.

The challenge is that MRV can mean a lot of different things and, accordingly, has been used in many different ways. To help decision-makers identify the types of MRV that are right for their needs, MRV Research Group is working to publish a guide specifically for small scale land based regenerative projects.

Traditional MRV approaches are prohibitively expensive!

Even for large projects more than tens of thousands of hectares, these upfront costs often constitute 30%-40%  of the project value. For projects less than 1200 hectares, sadly there is no hope in current scenario to participate in voluntary carbon market.

Additionally, the MRV methodologies are difficult to understand and often do not include regenerative practices valued by local communities. Data gathered during traditional MRV practices is usually kept in silos and has no useful application or benefits for smaller farmers.

Small farmers produce most of the world’s food supply and they don't have any solutions to turn to Regenerative Practices. This scenario offers us a significant opportunity for regenerative impact. Additionally, Small farmers need support in switching to regenerative practices to protect their farms and livelihood from the effects of climate change.

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Our Solution and deliverables

To publish a useful guide specifically for small scale farm and agroforestry projects in following phases.
Phase 1: Understanding traditional MRV approaches, with in-depth Research.
Phase 2: Filtering out relevant MRV practices for Small Scale Projects.
Phase 3: Combining Our learnings with on-ground best practices and publish the guide.
Phase 4: Automation of data collection, reporting and verification for development of dMRV.
Phase 5: TBD by the working group participants.

Our team

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Bati is a ReFi Enthusiast. Having a 16 year+ founder journey as a solar startup founder, he's focusing now to solve for MRV of small projects using Web3. 

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A serial entrepreneur who exited his last VC-backed tech startup having 14+ years of experience in leading a wide range of business functions in startups and corporations like Solid World DAO, OLX Group and Credit Suisse. 

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